Introducing the Screaming Monkey Garage

Jethro 1

Uncle Jethro. Bald as a bowling ball and blind in one eye as a result of drinking his special moonshine blend that later become know as Uncle Jethro’s Screaming Monkey Performance Fuel Additive. Can’t see shit out of the other eye. Mostly deaf. (Picture of white version of old Samuel Jackson). Still trying to make a drinkable moonshine. Failed at moonshining after all the folks in the community deemed the spirit undrinkable. Somewhere in Alabama (make up a name of the county). Ran out gas in his swamp rat and the ATF were closing in on him, and he had to get away fast. He grabbed a can of his moonshine and put in the tank. The rest is history. Uncle Jethro hasn’t been seen for a long time and has recently emerged. It is rumored that he has been doing time in federal penitentiary. He is now trying to go straight with his new Screaming Monkey Shop. His secret moonshine recipe has never been released. Uncle Jethros’ outboard motor repair and live bait shop.

Jethro 2

Murphy James Caboose. Safety consultant at Screaming Monkey. He lives in a constant state of panic regarding unforeseen consequences. Math major. Dropped out of MIT after mental breakdown caused by trying to quantify Murphy’s Law. PHD pending completion of his thesis.

Uncle Jethro says, “Stay on the gas!”